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[Health] Small Cute Red Drop Tomato Effect and Grow Tomatoes


The drop tomato is smaller than tomatoes, and it is easy to mistake it as a dog of modern breed improvement in cute form. In fact, bloom tomatoes were already grown by Aztecs in Central America long before they were brought to Europe by Spanish conquerors.

Drop tomatoes are succulent and have a mild sourness. They are filled with a drowning, and they are also used as raw materials for cooking. Tomato Tomato Carbohydrates are few, and sugar is low and dietary fiber is abundant, so it is helpful for diet.

Drop tomato efficacy

The drop tomato effectiveness varies. It is effective for anticancer action because it contains a large amount of lycopene ingredient with excellent anticancer effect. Lycopene is not only anticancer, but also antioxidant, which helps prevent cell senescence. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, and it is good for skin beauty. It is said to help relieve fatigue by controlling kidney function and moisture in body.

It also helps to improve diabetes and diuretic, helps to improve diabetes and also helps to improve the constipation by making the exercise of the intestines easier because of the abundance of tomato fiber. In addition, active oxygen removal, prevention of hypertension, etc., and when you take a drop of tomato, you can get a variety of drops tomato effect.

Grow tomatoes with blooms

Because bell peppers are easy to grow at home, you can see people who are challenging to raise bell peppers at home. The attraction of blooming tomatoes is that they can get fruit relatively easily. The essential requirement for growing tomatoes is to ensure sufficient sunshine because it is a tropical plant. In addition, it is necessary to manage the water in the pots so that the water drops well, and when the stem grows up, the support should be installed.

It is also important to give water every time the soil dries to dry. You can raise your tomatoes in a relatively simple way. If you try to grow tomatoes for 3 ~ 4 months, you can get red fruits.

Difference between drop tomato and jujube tomato

Jujube Tomato The efficacy side is no different from the drop tomato. There is no big difference in the sugar content compared to the bell pepper tomatoes. Tomato peel Tomato peel Tomato peel is a little harder than the bark Tomato is rich in texture. If you are eating for health reasons, you can eat it regardless of the type.

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