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Many people put a bag of sweets or a plastic bag on a pet's head, take a picture, tag it 'funny pictures' and put it on social media. It's just a playful and cute thing, but it's a dangerous act that can take your pet's life wrong.

A woman named Christina Young recently lost her puppy. Her dog petty sucked her head in a sweets bag and could not pull it out. Petty stood up and pulled out the bag of confectionery and put his head in the bag. When I breathed in the bag, I could not get out of the bag of confectionery sticking to the head because of the humidity. will be.

Such an accident is even worse and shocking because no one expects it. In fact, three to five cases of pet choking have been reported in a week, with 42% of them occurring even when the owner is in the house.

Ninety percent of owners who lost pets due to a choking accident said they never thought they would suffocate because of the usual plastic bags. As such, there is a lack of awareness about the risk of pet choking.

If you do not want your pet to have the same fate, you should take your pet's choking stuff away from your pet's reach and know what to do if you have choking.

The cause of the pet's choking

There are a significant number of things in the kitchen that cause the pet to suffocate.

1. Sweets bags: potato chips, popcorn, jerky, cookies, nuts, pet snacks, etc.

2. Serial bag: transparent or translucent bag in the cereal box

3. Zipper bags: bags that can be recycled, such as zipper bags or sandwich bags

4. Tubes: Tubular items that can be inserted into the pet's head

Sixty-nine percent of the causes of pet stomach accidents were confectionery bags, 8 percent were cereal bags or pet food bags, and 5 percent were pet snack bags. Pets can find plastic bags on kitchen tables, cupboards, trash cans, under beds or sofas.

Prevention of suffocation

In order to prevent a pet's suffocation, the pet must be prevented from accessing the aforementioned dangerous goods. If the food remains, put the pet in a hard container that can not be opened and put it on a high place. When you throw away the plastic bag, cut it with scissors and throw it away. They do not give pets food that people eat. So the pet does not seem interested in human food.

Source: Pixar Bay

If you invite people to your home for a party, you should be aware of the behavior of your pet, as there are a lot of people and it can be complicated and there are plastic bags. Keep the trash lid tightly closed or move the trash to a place where pets are not accessible.

Choking Tips

The first thing you need to do when you find a pet's head encased in a plastic bag when you suffocate is to calm down and get your pet's head out of the bag. Check your pulse and breathing and CPR if you do not breathe.

To do CPR, first place your pet on its side, place your hand in the center of the rib cage, press it 15 times, and breathe into your nostrils 2. Repeat this process until the respiration or pulse returns.

If breathing and pulse do not return after 10 minutes of CPR, immediately go to the nearest veterinary clinic. Even if the breathing and pulse of the pet is back, I will take it to the vet because I may have to take further action. Oxygen deficiency can have a devastating effect on the health of your pet.

If you are careful with your caregiver, you may think that your pet will not have a choking hazard, but we can not be sure of the animal's behavior. When you leave your home, your pet may find hidden plastic bags. Therefore, always be careful.

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