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As social media spreads, it is nothing like throwing a selfie with a lovely cat. Some even manage cats' accounts separately. But let's take a closer look, are not they just full of cats with white hair and pretty fur?

A black cat that is relatively neglected compared to other cats. Let's solve misunderstandings about black cat this time.

Difficulty in adopting

British media Daily Telegraph reported last week that black cats, which are hard to see in self or SNS, are being sent to local shelters in Bristol, England. Founder of the shelter, Moggery, Christine Baker explained that about 40 cats are coming to the shelter and all are black cats.

Beakha said that most cats are prejudiced against other colored cats and that it is very hard to find a new home for them. Cats that look pretty like other dolls will take an average of 20 days to adopt, while black cats will take at least a month. He says that this is happening all the time. After asking all the new family members who want to adopt, they finally ask whether the cat color does not matter, and the returning answer is "not black."

It is one of the reasons for hesitating adoption because it has long been associated with negative superstitions such as witchcraft or unhappiness and has a bad image.

The charm of a black cat

But in all countries, black cats are not taken for granted. In the neighboring country of Japan, black cats are perceived as a good fortune for the guardian in terms of money. It is also said that when a single woman raises a black cat, it appeals to other men more attractive.

In the UK, it also gives a black cat as a wedding gift in the sense that it brings good luck and happiness to the bride. In the case of Scotland, when a black cat comes in front of the door, it is interpreted as meaning that the house is out of doors. In the early days of cruise cruises such as cruises and yachts, navigators boarded black cats together to celebrate good luck and safe driving.

Moreover, according to one study, they are more susceptible to disease than other white or light-colored cats and can live longer with their caregivers. Ironically, a black genetic mutation is the cause of resistance to serious diseases such as HIV.

However, it does not always have only the color of dark earth. Some black cats with a speckled gene try to transform themselves in a brownish color when exposed to sunlight.

Black cat breed

Black cat species vary greatly from Bombay to Scottyfold. If you do not care about the color of your cat and you are not interested in SNS, choose a cute black cat from the list below.

1. Bombay: Bombay is very similar to a leopard, a cousin, and is also called a black-eyed cat. It can be seen as a mixture of black american shorthair and sable buzzes.

2. Persian: Persian is a well-known species, but it is easy to concentrate on white, doll-like looks. But the black Persian is also so beautiful and noble charm.

3. Just a tick: Quiet yet sweet, but literally, exotic and unique in appearance, and is popular worldwide. This black tick is really a trance itself.

4. Raga muffin: a cat known for its surprising eyes and soft long hair. The personality is also gentle and is also suitable for the first time to raise cats.

5. Scottish Fold: Unique folded flat ears and a cute little voice paired up. It is one of the most lovely cats. It is a great place to grow up as a pet that is both affectionate to the protector and familiar with the puppy.

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