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[Pet] more attractive cat eyes in the dark


If you have looked at cat eyes in the darkness, cat eyes would feel something special. Can a cat see things in the dark?

In fact, cats have special eyesight. A sparkling object, a laser pointer, or people's ankles do not keep me awake.

What secrets are hidden in the cat's impressive eyes

Source: Pixar Bay

Special structure of cat eye

Professor Kirk Gellat of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida studied how cat's eyes function like human eyes.

Research has shown that the most sensitive part of the cat's eye is the retina, and that some of the photoreceptors are tightly wrapped around the retina. The cat makes a visual image through the retina.

The lower and upper eyelids of the cat protect and moisturize the eyes and function to remove dust from the eyes. Generally, the eyelid structure is similar to the human eye, but the cat has a third eyelid. The cat's eyelid expands to protect the eyes from scratches and scratches.

In addition, the general person's vision is 180 degrees, but the cat is slightly wider than 200 degrees. People's eyesight was 20/20, while cats were 20/100 to 20/200.

According to a new study by the Animal Eye Institute and the Animal Eye Clinic, cats can not see distant objects because they are nearsighted, but they are helpful when catching food at very short distances.

Cat's night vision

A cat can not see things clearly in complete darkness, but if there is some light, it can still be seen in the dark. It has good vision at night because there is a stain on the retina.

Cats can see things with only a sixth of the amount of light people need to see things at night.

The cat has a retinal structure that improves night vision. The cat's cell membrane acts like a mirror. The light reflected by the cat is passed through between the cones and the liver, and then sent back to the photoreceptors. Because of this structure, cats can shine their eyes in the dark.

Source: Pixar Bay

Oval pupil

The eye of a cat is unique in shape as well as structure. Cat-specific elliptical pupils are the result of changes for hunting.

According to the Science Advances journal Science, cat oval pups are a common characteristic of nocturnal animals. Vertical pupils can measure the exact distance to the food and help the cat escape from danger.

Cat eye care

Cats are also used to hunt for the unusual eye structure, so careful eye care is important as usual. Therefore, if you have a cat, you should take care of your cat eye health normally.

If you see the cat eyes and the eyes in a brightly lit room or room, and you find ▲ tears, eyeballs, tear - wet eyelashes, white or red eyelids, and secretions, you should visit the hospital and get proper treatment.

As a result of hunting prey and evolving to survive, charming cat eyes are created.

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